Friday, 5 August 2011

A Different Approach

I discovered this little book just published for free on the net as it mentioned Kissinger's role in the UFO issue and as Heinz (Henry after the name change) has more dirt on him then any living political figure it's unusual to find fresh leads but sure enough he's on form again. 

Tony Brunt the author has quite a cerebral writing style on occasions but what makes his book most interesting is rather than try to prove the existence of ET/UFO it lays out comprehensive evidence of the ongoing cover up, including these juicy quotes and anecdotes I've not encountered before.

This is the tawdry vaudeville waiting to happen inside the chamber of secrets, a place where a decent US Senator cannot make it to first base in the quest for the truth while a five-pack-a-day comedian with a Rob Roy cocktail in his hand schmoozes his way to a home run. 

Einsteinian physics was still oven-fresh when the modern flying saucer era began and no one had an alternative recipe that could explain how the aliens got here. Therefore they weren't here 

Fermi then embarked on a series of mental calculations on the probability of Earth-like planets, the probability of intelligent life on those, and the likely rise and duration of high technology. “He concluded on the basis of such calculations that we ought to have been visited long ago and many times over,” recalled Herbert York.

Perhaps Barack Obama got wind of a lot of iffy R & D when he entered the White House in 2009. Early on in his presidency he released an interesting policy statement, titled “Scientific Integrity,” that implied, in veiled language, that the practitioners of secret science needed to watch their step.

Meier‘s contacts warned him force-fully and repeatedly about a whole range of burgeoning environmental problems, including the hole in the ozone layer which they said (in February 1975) had been degraded by bromine gases over their 60-year study period by an average of 6.38%.

McDonald visited Blue Book a few weeks later to pore through its files again. He found an embarrassing oversight – a report of a 1953 meeting that the CIA had convened, the Robertson Panel, that recommended that the UFO subject should be demystified and debunked under an official media programme.