Friday 17 February 2012

James Bond - How Hollywood Pretends We're The Tortured Not The Torturers

I've been slagging James Bond off ever since Roger Moore mothballed his etching efforts. However since learning that Kubrick filmed the Apollo 11 moon landing and the Bond people did a spoof of it in Diamonds Are Forever it's evident the intelligence douches got one over whoever runs the constructed-reality show at NASA as opposed to dog and pony show they serve up for us.

Usually the British and American intelligence agencies are in lock step over how they keep the gullible public from becoming aware of what really goes on through disinformation, misinformation, killing and torturing and anything they can lay their hands on to keep the people from knowing what really goes on. 

Casino Royale is a full on sympathy ploy by British intelligence who as we now know tortured people in Libya with the assistance of their friend Gaddafi before throwing him under a bus and then letting someone shoot him in this snuff video subsequently put out on the net.

Casino Royale yielded nothing, but I couldn't help but marvel at Bond's testicular torture scene. It's a shame they wont publish the real ones MI6 performed on people with Gaddafi's help. I don't think that particular story arc starts like this:

followed by a brief convalescence..

before getting back down to business again..

Balls of steel that man Bond. What a legend. What a fiction. What a bunch of scummy spies spinning lies for a gullible popcorn eating public.