Tuesday 9 August 2011

2012 Synchronicity Between The Movie & Life

This time I downloaded the correct 2012 movie that I wanted to peruse for interesting details. It's a piece of genius plausible deniability. So over the top that nobody could take it seriously and yet littered with small details that have already manifested themselves since its release date. Here's the bits you missed first time round.

Movie: Earth cracks appearing everywhere.

Real Life: Earth cracks appearing everywhere. Sink-holes are appearing too.

Movie: Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) from the Sun ejecting neutrons that are changing Earth's atoms.

Real Life: Rise in CME and science says that the sun is now changing the rate of radioactive decay rate for Isotopes by neutrinos emitted by our solar system's star.

Movie: Set against a backdrop of global unrest.

Real life: Set against a backdrop of global unrest.

Movie: John Cusack as Jackson is reading Melville's Moby Dick

Real life: My Moby Dick Posts for synchronicity and a veiled interpretation of the book.

Movie: The head of the Louvre Museum is assassinated on the 13th pillar of the Parisian tunnel Pont d'Alma.

Real life: Princess Diana assassinated through ritual killing on the 13th pillar of the Parisian tunnel Pont d'Alma.

Movie: Noticeable increase in unexplained Black Ops helicopter movements at the beginning.

Movie: Mad Charlie reveals to Jackson there is a breakaway civilisation planned to preserve the human species.

Real life: Richard Sauder's thorough research on underground bases around the globe and Richard Dolan's research on the evidence for an off planet breakaway civilisation (known as Project Genesis) on Mars.

Movie: Science advisor describes the Earth VIP status as having 'a ticket'.

Real Life: Businessman George Green (among others), describes the vernacular used for people with VIP escape status from Earth catastrophe as having 'a ticket'.

Those are just fun snippets that synch closely with information I've learned as I had no interest in the movie till recently. The effects are so good it's understandable that people walk away from the film dismissing it as pure fantasy. It's brilliantly over the top.

A stretch limo crashing through a building that is simultaneously dropping into the Earth's crust.

A runway ripping up while an escape plane idles before getaway.

Above is a seminal shot of a plane and train flying in the air at the same time. Magnifico. Of course maybe the script writers came across the same material as I did. But those cracks in the earth are a recent phenomena, as is the civil unrest, as is the increase in CME's and the changes in atomic metrics that are supposed to last for ever.

Movie: After the extinction level event the survivors head for Southern Africa.

Real life: Polar shift scientist Patrick Geryl says mountainous regions of Africa will remain untouched in the event of polar shift. 

He's heading to mountainous areas though much like the movie, I'm of the opinion that if you're meant to be. Then you're meant to be.