Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Anders Breivik Behring

I'm a conspiracy realist. Without the power to subpoena people, the people I want to interrogate have the power to question me and not vice versa. That's not a theory it's annoying reality and if we're being logical it's also Darwinian evolution. Survival of the species says the most deceptive will succeed better than honesty and transparency. Anyone who thinks the power elite are not deceptive isn't paying attention.

However I understand Masonic manipulation a bit and so if anybody would exploit that to blame the Norway killings, in order to prove a point, it's me. 

But these photos are too neat and I don't trust their simple, clean narrative

Like the WTC twin towers and Building 7 all falling down neatly into their own footprint it's just too neat for its own good. I don't buy the psychopathic Freemason story.

I do have a conspiracy theory though. I'd say his profile is MKULTRA foreign intelligence agency asset. But that's a theory and I don't have a subpoena to put Mossad or MI6 into an interrogation room.  So being a conspiracy realist I'm going to settle half way and say all is not what it seems. More of the unanswered discrepancies over here.