Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Ancient Aliens Goes Bananas


The Ancient Alien series is going gang busters in the states with more academics signing up to appear on the show for the new third series. George Tsoukalos is relentlessly charming and turns the show into pure gold edutainment. As he says in this interview here on Coast To Coast AM there's a sea change going on about the acceptance from the public that ancient structures had to have been built by non terrestrials. That's a good thing for people's awareness and for an impending clear-out of tenure locked, peer review pin-down of the subject by unimaginative scientists, historians and archaeologists who have never challenged the status quo in their life to maintain their mortgage payments.

Only one criticism. George distances himself from contemporary Ufology to steer away from the politics (and because the best evidence are the pyramids etc). However aliens have always been here. We're the 7-Eleven of the galaxy and the only reason the debunkers are in lock down denial mode is a compliant media, a manipulative CIA/Govcorp and a news embargo on the subject for very complicated reasons that hint at shadow governments and off world collaboration. 

The interview starts around the 50th minute and the series is all on Youtube as I posted a few months back.