Thursday 4 August 2011

2012 - Movie Disaster

For reasons of research I had to watch 2012 Doomsday the movie as there's one detail in it that a few people are asking 'how did they get that right?'. I keep an eye on the predictive programming topic and so settled down to watch it knowing the acting and script were never going to be my cup of tea. Instead it was so monumentally shit that I started laughing at the comedy. Do people really sit though movie-disasters-of-disaster-movies like this (rhetorical question)?

Update. I think I download the wrong 2012 film so it looks like a double-cheesy-movie special for me today. I watched 2012 Doomsday instead of just 2012. The birth through death scene at Chitzen Itza is honestly exploited as this film looks like it was sponsored by the same Vatican that ordered the destruction of all Mayan artifacts. As ever always an opportunist.