Tuesday, 7 June 2011

William Henry - Angels & Light Bodies. Reptilians & The Seraphim

Investigative mythologist William Henry discusses the connection between the seraphim and reptilians, and the transition into the "next human" as beings who enter the rainbow body of light. There are several different kinds of angels, he noted, but the seraphim are of the highest order, beings of pure light and love, who could represent the next level of humanity.

I find William Henry a little too earnest for my liking but his knowledge is extensive and varied enough to keep the interview bubbling along. I think his suggestion that David Icke should pay more attention to the Seraphim instead of reptilians is based on a lack of awareness of the ritual child sex abuse by these groups. In other words a little ignorant and unable to dwell on the issue because of its uncomfortable nature. Not everything is love and light.