Saturday, 18 June 2011

Will Darwinism Wake Up And Smell The Godamn Anunnaki Coffee?

David IckeMichael Tellinger, Dr Jack Pruett, Zecharia Sitchin, William Bramley, Jordan Maxwell and Lloyd Pye inform of us of the overwhelming evidence for genetic intervention in our evolution by the Anunnaki.

It's about time the Darwinistas gave up their trivial (and unprovable) squabble with the God Squad and man up to the real historical puzzle that is unravelling with cutting edge researchers, writers and scientists. The future oriented types, long ago walked away from the quackademic debates that don't explain some very basic issues like the leap from Homo Erectus to Homo Sapien and how our brains jumped in size faster than any evolutionary process in the history of the universe.

Punctuated equilibrium is a weasel card played by the evolutionists to explain a part of the brain that I'm using right now to explain that part of the brain. As an idea it's as plausible as piece of fillet steak introducing itself at a cocktail party with no explanation of how it got there because language didn't exist before arrival. How convenient. You don't happen to have a business card do you?

I'm fine with big chunks of the 'theory' of evolution, you're fine with evolution, we're fine with evolution, hell even the Vatican is OK with much of evolution and yet still the evolutionary fundamentalists are stuck in a debate with Genesis when the rest of us are on Revelations. It's time to do your Sumerian cuneiform tablet homework girls and boys. They were the Google start-up of civilisation and transformed overnight from hurling primate excrement at each other to art, poetry, writing, philosophy and architecture not to mention inventing the god damn wheel.

The evolutionary fundamentalists need to get over their smooth illusion of history as a painted Potemkin village with all the dirt swept under the carpet. It's you Darwinists who are holding us back from reaching out for the stars with a doctrinaire and inflexible interpretation of our origins. 

They need to man up and do the work. The progressives and non indoctrinated need to kick out the quackademics of history, archaeology, genetics, and architecture who are bullshitting their monthly salaries to keep tenure. What a back scratching, boot licking existence those types of academics live. They are spineless fucks.

This latest interview of Marshall Klarfeld, is of yet another Anunnaki scholar. It is by far the worst one I've ever posted compared to those I've linked to above as Kerry Cassidy's legendary interruptions to do her 'we're whistle blowers' (we're so spesh) soliloquy are inevitably frustrating. Hardly any of us know enough about the Epic of Gilgamesh so please Kerry, let the Goddam expert share his knowledge and be humble instead of bluffing your knowledge of archaic history, when we all are hungry for information to learn from the handful of people who have put in decades of research and do. Take it from a Maltese Falcon. It's so transparent when you're bluffing.

OK, rant over. Kerry has also done us all a legendary favour in the big picture of things so you'll just have to roll with the idiosyncrasies of a bad interview that wouldn't be happening or even interesting in the first place if it wasn't for her frequent ego bursts.

Unfortunately there's advertising too in this interview which doubles the torture, but still, Marshall Klarfeld is another gem I'm grateful for, in building up my case for rewriting the history books before the real history is unveiled by outside intervention. 

At least we can then say we figured it out for ourselves instead of having the answer handed to us on a plate like our fuckwit academics like when they're not sucking each other off.