Wednesday 22 June 2011

Why I Want Quantitative Easing 3 (QE3)

I belong to a small group of informal tinkerers, thinkers, speculators, information terrorists and oddball lunar(tics) who suspect that Barack Obama is the most interesting occupant of the Whitehouse ever. I accept he's not delivered on key promises but this is a war we are in, and earlier promises are casualties of timing not commitment.

It wouldn't be helpful at this point in time to be more explicit but there are bits and pieces of mainstream academic theory and commentary that currently provide circumstantial evidence for the theory that dare not speak its name.

That's weird, I just realised we never ever say what it is we suspect. Just point at stuff that makes sense. It sounds very cliquey and I suppose it is.

Anyway, I read about the social theorists that Barack Obama based his masters dissertation on, and realised it was the most awesomest bad ass idea I've come across in over forty years of thinking about better ways for our planet and species. The idea behind the paper is nothing short of how to torpedo the good ship capitalism before it sails off with every last mineral, flora and fauna that is our obligation as a species to use frugally and share without profit for the collective good. I am good-to-go with QE whatever it takes till the parasite of capitalism finally keels over and sinks.