Monday, 6 June 2011

Still Got Questions About The London 7/7 Bombings?

Nobody believes the official story for the 911 Twin towers bombing. Or rather the only people who do, haven't done their homework. Something I've encountered time and again, is that its not the evidence that is the chief battle taking place here. 

It's the collapse of trust in institutions that we the sheep previously thought were there to protect them. I can share it's not a nice process to go through and my own awakening took quite some time with repeated denial on my own part. Even when I realised it was all Mickey Mouse society engineering, I still didn't want to believe the highest levels of society have an agenda that is about engineering conflict. 

Because divide and rule is how you manage large groups. I promise you my own position on these matters emerged chunk by bloody chunk of bloodied disappointment and took years. Don't do it the hard the way.

The watershed point with the 7/7 bombings for me was when learning that a 'terrorist test run' on the same day as the real bombings took place and that this was the same as the 9/11 'training exercises/war game drills' that led to the fighter bombers not scrambling on time to shoot the 'hijacked' airliners down. One thing I've learned from JFK's assasination and these events is that you can't have too much misleading and confusing events to muddy the waters. As the author of the Black Swan, Nasim Nicholas Taleb often quotes. 

To bankrupt a fool, give him information.

This Red Ice Radio interview with John Anthony Hill, producer of the 7/7 Ripple Effect is a must listen and I put it to you that some people in the intelligence services made enough deliberate mistakes and signals to make the public suspicious and indeed from what I can figure out of the British, you are suspicious. You just don't want to consider the implications of the fox being in the chicken coop. Life's hard enough without denial. Get over it, man up and do some homework, starting with this information.