Monday, 6 June 2011

Somebody Muzzle The Dog

I am quite vocal about people who work in the killing business and so I've been visited on my website by all the alphabet agencies on my website in the last few months except for one that I assume is smart enough to use a proxy server. I assume that's why they take an interest in me though the visit by the Social Security Administration and the Department of Transport two weeks ago, made me smile because if that's their line of inquiry its a dead end, which a simple email to me (in the about me section) will clear up.

Also I find that the government trolling and disinformation (particularly on Youtube) is extensive and there are legions of anonymous users (with revealing names) who seem to spend all day rubbishing claims such as weather manipulation weapons don't exist. Finally I noticed that they are recruiting 'established Facebook users' here in Thailand's English language classifieds to operate five or more fake accounts using software so the evidence is hard to refute.

The tedious part is engaging with brain washed people who scream socialism yet don't realise that the U.S is a hybrid of consumerism and communist social control/intimidation that would make the average Chinese blush at its sophistication and pervasiveness.