Friday, 10 June 2011

Ruled By Secrecy

Jim Marrs is a persistent investigative journalist and author. This is the first time I've seen one of his presentations and it's brimming with the kind of information  that is very pertinent now that the Bilderbergs are in session. 

I'm old enough to remember when Ronald Reagan was shot. Recently the gunman's name John Hinckley has been popping up with respect to the real story who was behind it and the penny has dropped for me. Let me explain. The official biography of Reagan by Edmund Morris called "Dutch" was so bizarre it was dropped by the Reagans and another one written. 

It's weird because it's a kind of 'faction' (fact/fiction) hybrid yet I liked it a lot because of the 'impression' it left. Well Jim sets me straight in this presentation with a fact I never thought of before. If Reagan had died from that shooting, we'd have had the Bush dynasty in power 8 years earlier. The former CIA chief who couldn't get into power as President was manoeuvred into the position of Vice President didn't even have to be popular to gain the trust of the public.

Obama made a strange comment not so long back, that Reagan was his inspiration when we all know that Lincoln is the political-meister he most respected. Could Obama be hinting that he liked Reagan's ability to survive against all odds?

I know I've talked to many of you privately about our misgivings of Obama but I'm solidly behind him now despite mainstream sentiment, till this particular show is over. This is bigger than just politics. It goes against the evidence at a surface level but let's be candid. No president can change a thing if he treats the nest of vipers known as D.C. with a straight game. I don't do politics any more and there is no party I have any faith in. But I'm sticking with Barack Obama. (updat: What a snake)

To get real change we need a man who can play, like his favourite political biography, a shrewd hand of poker and bluff his way. 

Like an actor. 

I put it to you that Obama is bigger than politics. He's a leader with the potential to become a legend if my hunch is right. He's going to need all the prayers he can get. He's also going to need  our patience.