Monday 13 June 2011

Nikola Tesla - How General Electric, Edison and J.P. Morgan Screwed Him And Us Over

This is a good introductory documentary to Nikola Tesla who like other great scientific luminaries was tapping into the spirit world on the side. Tesla had voices and visions just like Francis Bacon and let's not forget that  Descartes had an angel talk to him about the way to understanding was through maths and measurement and that Crick discovered DNA's twin helix structure on acid. That's not a story materialist science likes to remember as there's nothing empirical about channelling the spirit of angels for good ideas... but it goes on all the time.

I take heart that Google celebrated Tesla's birthday a while back because it was the largest nod to date with respect to the suppressed technology that the big names have held back from us for reasons of cattle-herding wealth-extraction  and to keep us in perpetual conflict over a limited resource that is caveman technology compared to what has and can be invented. (I am coming over to the abiotic theory of oil though. Fossil fuel doesn't stand up to interrogation the more I think about it).

Google aren't big enough to take on Govcorp quite yet, though that day is fast approaching as free energy is pretty much a leitmotif of the universe. Look at the constant expansion, of the electromagnetic spectrum, zero point energy, vacuum energy and the light the light the light that is inexplicably in constant creation. The documentary is worth watching just to understand what a total weasel Thomas Edison was and how history has portrayed him as a hero as that's how capitalism works. It elevates the most profitable. Not the cleverest or the most innovative and certainly nothing that is free. Word.