Tuesday 14 June 2011

Michael Tellinger - Remote Viewing

Most people don't believe remote viewing exists but five minutes online research will show that the military are the most ardent users of the method. Naturally the Pentagonal forces don't like to tell you about that because they've got a lot riding on a world sketched out for you which is 3D, non spiritual and exists only if you can touch it. How else are they going to sell a materialist message of consumption and nihilism if you find out they're into the occult more than you could ever imagine. Keep you stupid. That's how it works.

It's my belief that George Clooney took the role in The men who stare at goats as it opened up the subject even if he had to put a comedic gloss to get it into production so people weren't sure how serious it was. Well it's as serious as remote viewing the Pentagon's profitable killing locations and witnessing the bombings that go on while the remote viewer witnesses it. Some of them get off on it. Others are appalled.