Thursday, 16 June 2011

Michael Tellinger - Coast To Coast Interview

All of the Abrahamic religions have a variation on the same story. The Gods (Elohim) came down from the heavens and put us to work and worship. Now that may seem a little harsh but then if we swap starcraft for conquistador galleons we Caucasians did pretty much the same trick when wiping out the Aztecs in South America. The Elohim word is important because it is plural for Gods not singular God, and thus we are presented with a question. 

Why would monotheistic faiths tell a story about the Gods coming down from the heavens?

The full story is so much richer, with varying timelines of activity impacting with pretty much everything else so it's a lot more complex than the simple scenario I've outlined here. The interview is Michael's latest on Coast to Coast AM from a couple of days ago and I'm personally feeling a lot happier that he's referring to the genetic engineering outlined in the Sumerian Cuneiform tablets as rewiring the missing link between Home Erectus and Homo Sapien. He's moved on from his original thinking of Cro-Magnon man being the Annunaki's chose mammal to mine the South African gold.

So, throw in Lloyd Pye's research into the mix, and you're almost good to go on the big picture. The illustration I've used for the post, isn't right historically, but it evokes the cloning chambers that are described in Michaels research at Adam's calendar during this interview.

There's also a lovely anecdote shared above in which Michael pretends to work for the big mining interests in South Africa to a mining consultant. Unaware he's a researcher the story starts to leak out over a cold beer about mine shafts that go down for miles with laser like precision from a time before the last ice age. 

Now who could have done that and why are the mining companies sensitive about sharing that story?