Monday, 20 June 2011

Large Fluoridated Soda, McTerror Burger & Conspiracy Fries Please.

One of my Google alerts is the word conspiracy. There are two types of article it returns day in and day out. One is the kind of conspiracy where the police apprehend the criminals and prosecute them for conspiring to commit crime. The other is the unilateral, ubiquitous portrayal of a global network of amateurs as conspiracy theorists for refusing to accept the appalling decline in our priesthood, our politicians, our businessmen (it's usually men) and our generals. I could go on but the most pernicious act of consensual cowardice has been Western media's utter collapse of moral backbone to prosecute through investigative journalism the assault on human rights and human decency. There hasn't been a single media scalp since Richard Nixon and it's an irony not missed on the seekers of better explanations that the loudest of voices attacking the conspiracy realists are guilty of manufacturing consent through the conspiracy theorist calumny with mainstream and corporate media pummelling.

Out of nowhere Foreign Policy has written the first article that challenges the bland, spineless and ubiquitous iniquity peddled by the corporate controlled media. It's so unusual that I'm inclined to paste my comment below.

"Extraordinary. The first authoritive media voice to break ranks and put forward another point of view. The lap dog press parading as guard dog have unilaterally smeared every single question that a network of amateurs without direct access to the evidence demanded with the conspiracy calumny.

Like the word terrorist, has the establishment trashed their own creation? I applaud Foreign Policy for having the guts to put forward a point of view that is not to be found elsewhere"