Saturday, 11 June 2011

Jesus Life In India

The story of Jesus' time in Tibet and India first came to me by way of a fascinating and good  hearted young Spanish man I met travelling around Prachuap Khiri Kan a few years ago. He left a handful of very distinct impressions that have remained with me. The first was about being humble. I wasn't ready for his message then but I never forgot what he showed me was a genius lesson in the advantages of humility.

We hung out for a while as we were in the same small beach town, and  he talked about his life working as a dancing and singing stage performer in Spain and he burst into a  bit of song from his last performing role in the musical Hair before he became too ill to work. It was the 5th Dimension's Aquarius/Sunshine come in.

I always got the impression there was a lot more to him than he was letting on. As I write this post I see even more synchronicity unfolding in front of me in ways that could only have worked for me now, and not then. Weird, but good weird.

It takes 26000 years for the cosmic cycle to complete and so the age of Aquarius was indeed coming very close back in 1969 when the song below was recorded. For us, it's about 3 minutes to midnight now on the cosmological clock.

Ayasha and hooked up last night after last meeting in Dubai and San Francisco. It was heartening to hear that we both agreed it's not a  case of if the world is changing because it's changing already. The world is separating into two groups. Those who are awakening and the mind bombed materialists consumers who are blind, drugged, plasma screened and asleep at the wheel of opportunity clinging on to the illusory joy stick of predictability.

Change of this nature doesn't come round every day. Look at the signs around you. The coffin pictured doesn't exist. You're an immortal being. You just don't know it.