Sunday, 26 June 2011

James Horak - EMV (Electro Magnetic Vehicle) & Saturn

That non stop trance beat in the background has been bugging me for days and I just remembered exactly where I've heard parts of it before. Let's just say it was a domestic amateur production absent of emotion; theatrical or otherwise. 

James Horak is a strange brew. On the one hand compelling testimony but on the other a sort of 'hang 'em from their heels' spirituality which is incongruous with his unified conciousness talk. His explanation of EBE's as extra biological entities is very much in line with Nigel Kerner's view and it's tempting to put them together though it could all go horribly wrong. I'll post about the SOHO images that now provoke the question 'are there spaceships going into and out of the sun?' because until I came across James' work it seemed pointless and fantastic.

James also maintains that the U.S government does its drug running through a ministry of televangelist Ken Copeland of Texas. It's worth mentioning because if Copeland (who looks like a demonic in studio make-up during his preaching when I check him out) is innocent, I imagine he would be trying to sue Mr Horak for defamation or slander or something. Maybe there's some truth there?