Thursday, 9 June 2011

Is The Archdruid A Chin Stroking Douchenozzle?

If one judges by campy egoistical voice only, I'd say yes, but let's also factor in that my comments left on the blog pointing towards the steady trickle of information on zero point energy pricked his ego so much they were blocked and referred to as spam in a post he subsequently wrote (why write a post about them, if it's just spam? Did I get under your skin?) I might be abrasive at times, but I'm never selling anything and the debate is a crucial one where pertinent facts (if the planet or sincerity means anything).

I understand his new book that he's pimping doesn't need me pointing his readers to where the exciting information is just before a potential sale, but I see that he's already slowly changing his message from living off charcoal powered sybian machines and pedal powered beard exfoliators to something a little more exotic in the future such as solar thermoelectric generators, which is at odds with his earlier shtick in the public domain

John MIchael Greer's books on Druidism are free over here and here if you're interested and the torrents are here if you're interested in knowing more. Judge for yourself about that campy egoistical voice for yourself over here.