Saturday, 4 June 2011

Cloning Humans

I got a lot of feedback from a random post on early 70's space themed music where I linked to vigilant citizen, and it's a very uncomfortable subject to answer all the questions that really do freak people out.  It's takes a lot of time to explain again individually what I've been writing about for months now, so may I suggest those with further questions watch the Michael Tellinger videos including the short interview segments like the one above. Michaels book 'slave species of God is the Occams razor of all this nastiness. There's a search box at the top and on the left of this blog which is good for searching any subject and reading up on any posts you may have missed. Also I try to tag posts accordingly and they are at the bottom. Don't forget David Icke's latest book Human Race - Get off your knees is a couple of decades of good research and by chance the latest interview by William Bramley author of God's of Eden on Red Ice Radio which I've got sitting in draft and will link to when posted is a sober adult treatment of a subject that most people quite understandably often don't want to get their head around.