Tuesday 7 June 2011

Are The Bilderberg Group Deciding The Next IMF Chief?

The corporate media will do their lap dog reporting about conspiracy theories and theorists, but the facts are that policy is decided at Bilderberg get togethers and that future Western leaders are selected to run their countries irrespective of what the electorate wish.

This preview video is a useful introduction to one of those clubs where royalty, business and politics plot how to make more money by getting together to plan who is going to run our world. There was a time before the Guardian expose on this group that people claimed it was conspiracy theory for suggesting the Bilderberg group even existed. 

Those days are gone now.

We can now focus our attention further up the pyramid of deceit to  bohemian grove,  while also keeping an eye on the council on foreign relations, the trilateral commission and the brookings institute. The list goes on and on but there are many good people documenting these rich parasites running our lives, while living in luxury and fomenting wars to keep us divided. 

You are in denial about our potential as human beings if you think we are really the war like primates we look like on the outside. We're not, but we are run by psychopaths. Wealthy and powerful psychopaths at that.