Sunday 12 February 2012

Pope's Homosexuality, Nazi Past & Protection of Paedophile Priests Not Always Appreciated

I've no idea if the Pope is still denying the Nazi Holocaust despite his spell with the Nazi youth. I do believe the timing of his call to the Space Shuttle at 11.11 is worth making a note of. I also believe the gossip in high society Rome that he has a homosexual lover but not because Andrew Sullivan says so. I believe it because Italian Prince and former high level freemason Leo Zagami loves to spill dirt like that to curry favour with the groups that his kind have been fleecing, raping and killing for centuries. Time will tell if all goes according to plan.

I care not if the Pope is homosexual. Keeping an eye on the ball is what matters here. The Vatican and Buckingham Palace are richer than Croesus. They are nothing more than incorporated businesses deceiving the sheep under the guise of shepherding the tender young flock

Ratzinger's hand in suppressing the information of peadophile priests as a cardinal is unconscionable but then most of my peers are still waving flags at Royal weddings despite the video testimony of ritual child satanic sex abuse at Balmoral, and a plea from Princess Diana that the family 'are not human' before dying in a car crash that she foretold was being planned for her.

There was one moment in the space video where I saw the possibility of an astronaut possibly using gestured language to Ratzinger that gave me heart, but the evidence is slim so it's too early to tell. Instead, like DABOO7 yesterday, I'm keeping an eye on NASA's X37B secret mission craft as it flys through space across a suspicious series of earthquakes in real time. We've had specific and  authoritive warnings at the highest levels, over and over and over again, about the weaponisation of space. It's the equivalent of gunpowder being invented and the sheeples are distracted as to what the stakes are.

There's a fairy tale nightmare going on and it will be all over before shearing time unveils the full extent extent of deception. It's one extreme to the other with humans. From either mindless flag waving to overdue uprisings, or pathetic Indifference to vengeful indignation. By the time the outrage arrives this time it will be too too late again, and so the counter-intuitive task in hand will be to step in as voices of reason against the perpetrators. Two wrongs don't make a right, and as Einstein taught us - a problem can't be solved at the level of conciousness that created it.