Monday 6 February 2012

Princess Diana's Murder (Queen's Diamond Jubilee Commemoration)

Princess Diana's murder had many ritual killing elements. David Icke's book, 'The Biggest Secret' details this pervasive ritual symbolism and the way it was carried out by the royal family corporation with more evidence than any rational human being could possibly ignore.

I've written already that a former MI5 whistleblower has come forward on a Youtube film I included, and said just as much. I don't mind leaving you with the appalling truth; this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the kind of revelations that are beginning to emerge on the internet and which challenge the comfy programming that has worked for centuries longer than you could possibly imagine. 

I wish to say one last time that I never gave much though to Princess Diana until the day she died and yet I knew deep down in my stomach that a crime had been committed. The evidence is overwhelming and until you've done a couple days homework on the matter a period of silence is more dignified than awkward denials.

Kudos to Keith Allen for having the balls to take on the establishment while the peons who lap up being subjects instead of citizens, were waving flags and cooing over the pageantry (ritualism) at the wedding a few weeks ago (No offence intended to the couple. Prince William's marriage is none of my business).