Saturday 28 May 2011

The Pentagon™ & Bradley Manning

I had no idea that Bradley Manning is 5 foot 3, joined up for the college bills, spent time in Wales where his mother comes from and was advised by his officers as unfit for service in between bouts of curling up like a foetus and crying on his bed, or wetting himself from bullying. At 23 years old he has been incarcerated for a year and drugged in solitary confinement (recently relocated) because he released the film of the helicopter attack above that mowed down innocent Iraqi civilians. The Guardian newspaper has done an excellent article with a short video on the topic below.

Update: The original videos have been censored or deleted. However, I'm no longer confident that the picture above is really him. Also Manning has transitioned to a woman (Chelsea), since his release. It might be the case that the military mind controlled him for that, as the transgender agenda would fit with that decision - 14/06/2021