Saturday 21 May 2011

Miu Miu & Monarch Mind Control


The Monarch mind control program came straight out of the CIA's MKULTRA trauma-based mind-control program. They nicked it off the battalions of high ranking Nazis imported by the CIA after the second world war through Project Paperclip. The Nazis nicked it off the Vatican who kept records of  what their unspeakable torture techniques did to the minds of victims during the inquisition (priests are especially sadistic) and they in turn learned much from the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

The monarch butterfly taught geneticists from its migration that cross generational information can be carried over. So why waste a victim when you can sexually abuse and mind control the victims kids who are prepped and good to go from the start. That's why inter-generational child abuse is how the CIA took the game to the next level (and several more).

Through Vigilant Citizen I learned how the fashion, music and media business use the Monarch butterfly to declare in a public manner that the talent being used (if you can call GaGa, Britney et al talent) are micro controlled  and/or not of their own mind.

Why do they do that? 

Well that's kind of interesting. There's a sort of braggadocio by declaring who is in charge and also a karma-deal respected by occult elites at a 'universal law' level that if they (sort of) publicly declare what they are doing then they have a karmic 'get out jail free card' in much the same way that the NeoCons told us they were going to invade Iraq to protect freedoms before 911 in 1997, through their Project For A New American Century Website (PNAC).

Last night I was checking out Prada Brand - Miu Miu's latest collection. I wasn't that impressed with it, but I noticed the Monarch Wings above and thought I'd share it with you. As you'd expect from Miu Miu it's done very elegantly, but no amount of tasteful design should prevent you from knowing that the epigenetics of Monarch butterflies are about control and fucking with kids heads and bodies through trauma based mind control or at worst ritual satanic sex abuse. This post is dedicated to Vigilant Citizen, and Secret Arcana who do a sterling job of pointing out the concrete symbolism that is irrefutable in the entertainment and fashion industry.