Sunday, 29 May 2011

Michael Tellinger - Slave Species

Michael Tellinger's new book tells a simple tale that is hard to absorb for fixed minds. Dominating intelligences feel compelled to dominate. Look at the industrialisation of war by European cultures and the slaughter of indigenous groups around the world from the American Indians, the Aborigines, Africa and the Aztec Indians to name a few. 

Are we really sure that a dominant non terrestrial intelligence isn't running our show? That's all David Icke has been saying for years and here we see that the sheer scale of gold mining in South Africa in ancient history suggests, as Zecharia Sitchin's and Credo Mutwa's work states, that an alien visitor altered our DNA to mine that gold and after the flood, departed the planet leaving hybrid bloodlines in charge that exist to this day?

Put simply, mind control is the way to manage an entire planet and not billions of leg irons. That's the only explanation for this sadistic collision course we're on. Listen to this fascinating interview by Truth Frequency Radio.