Thursday, 26 May 2011

Maurice Cotterell - Future Science

Maurice Cotterell was investigating sun cycles in the eighties. As luck would have it in those early days of computing the Cranfield department he managed was tooled up quite nicely compared to most computing power available. Using this processing power, he was able to calculate sun spot cycles using two magnetic fields and the earth's positional variables to figure out when they would get back together. He discovered that two sub cycles mixed together to give a new cycle of 1 Million, 366 Thousand and 40 days long.

As fate would have it he was browsing a bookshop and discovered that the ancient Mayan's knew this exact figure to the day, and he realised that both he and the Mayans were on to something incredible, so he left for South America to do more research. The culmination of that research is his new book, Future Science which turns the existing materialist masonic elite science club upside down . Maurice has more ballsy claims than any other scientist including Newton and Einstein explaining gravity and the prime mover.

I believe his thinking for the most absurd reason. I was listening to an obscure and flaky 1980's video presentation by an alien contactee who mentioned in his presentation that the non terrestrials explained to him that the sun's light is gravity. Maurice pretty much says the same thing and so I'm staggered that some weird detail on gravity is reiterated here in his new book. Unless I've made the error of being duped by a guy who copied another guy this is the sort of cosmic coincidence that I nod to myself and eject previously held models of reality. 

If you listen to Maurice in this totally incredible interview by Coast To Coast you will hear and feel that the only agenda he has is pursuit of truth, and while Maurice' work shreds all of my space time and quantum mechanic thinking to date, I welcome any idea that is stronger than my own. He also snookers me into the corner that others have been telling me for a long time. Superluminal travel is only possible by people of light.

You must listen to this extraordinary interview if you want your world shaken up. It's a niche extreme sport and not an easy ride, but also compelling and a lot of fun. I've listened to it about 4 or 5 times already, and I am still not on top of it all. However I've secured what I need out of it. Hardly a day goes by without the finger that is careful not to touch the evidence pointing closer and closer. 

Like that bit when the Pope mentioned Michaelangelo's creation in the Cistine chapel to the Shuttle astronauts the other day.