Tuesday 24 May 2011

The Matrix & Occult Symbolism

Trinity "Are you sure this line is clean?"
Cypher "Yeah, 'course I'm sure"
Trinity "I'd better go

I watched the Matrix for the first time all the way through yesterday because so many of you rate it. I've learned a thing or two about occult symbolism in movies recently though I'm by no means an expert. The opening scenes dialogue between Cypher the traitor and Trinity ends on the subject of being bugged with the leitmotif visual of the falling rain matrix ending in the numbers 506.

506 adds up to 11. 

11 is an occult number as I mentioned yesterday for the pope's videocon with the space shuttle time for 11.11 and of course 9/11 (and now 3/11) is the quintessential use of 11 with the twin towers (shaped like 11) falling to the ground. Then the camera zooms into the zero in the middle of the 501 which breaks up into a series of 11's inside 11 as pictured above.

The screen goes dark and a small dot of light appears and grows. The dot grows into a sphere before a sudden horizontal beam of light explodes very briefly into view. What does that look like?

Lastly the 'rings of Saturn' disappear and the ball of light dims in intensity it looks like the moon.

 The moon drifts to the right. It's the torchlight of a policeman.

18 minutes 22 seconds into the movie we learn that Neo's passport expires on 911