Friday 20 May 2011

How Strange. The IMF Rapes African Countries and......

I know you're busy. I know the system forces you to compete with humans instead of collaborate. I know the alternative explanations of reality are so wild that they couldn't possibly be true. Well let me tell you straight. Just because you're a nice human being (albeit a bit lazy finding out important information) doesn't mean the psychopaths in charge of banking, military, commerce and religion are anything like you. As princess Diana used to say. They're not human. The stupidity of capitalism is that it is so greedy people are starting to ask questions that fly in the face of the manufactured consent it pounds into your mind day in and day out. Deep down you know the profit principle is structurally flawed. If there's a profit in stealing the last gasp of breath out of your lungs the govcorp complex have got a nice commercial to sell you, yes you, you stupid sheep, into buying shares into the system and waving a nation state ritual loving royal flag to cheer the process on. If it wasn't so insane it would be hilarious and I assure you there are groups of men who sit around screens and have a good laugh at that stupidity (See video below)

So do me a favour. Watch Susan George above explain why Africa has a net outflow of dollars per second to the European Banks at a rate that supports our decadent and deeply poisoned lifestyles. You need to wake up and do some research on the system that delivers a barista served starfuck coffee in your hand with a pret a manger tuna hook sandwich.