Tuesday 17 May 2011

Gary McKinnon Hacked The Pentagon's Dirtiest Secret? - "Non Terrestrial Personnel"

10 years ago Gary McKinnon took a look around the military industrial complex computer networks and came across all sorts of hot information including stuff about those triangular craft alleged to be made by Lockheed Martin and which I blogged about earlier

In his interview with Project Camelot he says he came across a personnel list of 'non terrestrials'. This fits with the evidence that researcher and academic Richard Dolan has amassed to formulate his 'breakaway civilisation' hypothesis. 

Like Jullian Assange he's been persecuted for a decade now and let's face it, there's an awful lot of black budget gone into a US taxpayers black hole so we should applaud any transparency rather pursue a man with aspergers who was having a nose around. I hope he becomes more vocal if sent to the U.S.

Most tellingly the military psychopaths aren't portraying him as a nutter or a fool. No, they are saying shut the fuck up or seventy years for you sonny.

He might as well say more about what he saw rather than try and appease them, which hasn't worked so far and life is too short not to land one decent punch on the Pentagonal Pentagram psychopaths.

Update: Dr Joseph Farrell comments at the end of 2013.