Thursday 5 May 2011

Francis Bacon

I've already posted part two of this series as I watched them in the wrong order though there's nothing missed by doing that. Part one is a little different as it segues from the United States as the focus for secret societies and moves to France and England where the masonic institutions originally began.

Here I learned that Ben Franklin was active as a freemason during his time in France as America's ambassador and that he spent a whopping 16 years in England. This explains a little more clearly to me how the Royal Bloodlines have maintained control over Washington D.C since then, though it was Franklin's connection to Francis Bacon at the Royal Society that is well laid out in this documentary, along with Bacon's history and connection to the infamous John Dee the original 007 spy (and court astrologer and sorcerer).

It's worth watching this video for just the Dee and Bacon background. Bacon comes across as the likely writer of Shakespeare's plays as he was the only person with the court experience around Europe unlike the glove maker's son who does manage to get one small edit into the writings on that subject. Truly great content on Youtube once again. All in all close to nine hours of superb history documentaries that shed light on the power behind governments that we no longer trust any more.

Update: The original Youtube was scrubbed so I've embedded an alternative. TWICE.