Friday 20 May 2011

Do Electromagnetic Weapons Exist?

Now that we know the temperature above Japan's ionosphere heated up prior to the Japanese earthquake that triggered tsunamis over those General Electric (poorly located and designed) power stations it's worth pointing out that HAARP related indicator activity has also been recorded over Haiti, Indonesia, Chile before earthquakes. Oh, and don't forget that Sichuan Earthquake just before the Chinese Olympics. On Haiti, I can't help wondering how Clinton and Bush have dropped the ball on that and so instead Sean Penn/Harvey Weinstein are doing the lions share of fund raising while Bill petitions to censor the internet? 

Has he got something to hide? You bet he has.

Some people think the UK's weather, hit in 1987 with the most powerful storm in three centuries and followed days later by black monday financial collapse was a double loaded stock market pistol to the head. 

There have also been Japanese allegations of blackmail threats before the earthquake by the Federal Reserve (a private corporation) to extract money to cover U.S. debt might then have be true. 

I think this is a good time to explain that (broadly speaking) this isn't about countries against countries. I'll can go into that a bit deeper in the comments if anyone likes, but I do ask that you to stop and consider the insanity of playing the left or right, Democrat versus Republican political fantasy league. That's just a superficial and hollow drama to keep you unfocussed and distracted from the real game going on right in front of your nose.

Update - Gold paint was poured over the Hiroshima Peace Park Cenotaph.