Sunday, 29 May 2011

Brando On The United States

I'm reminded by Fiona this morning of a rare interview with Marlon Brando by Dick Cavett. Brando flew all the way from his home in French Polynesia Tahiti to appear and used the main stream media opportunity to promote the plight of the American Indians who were slaughtered in their millions as part of an agenda that kept the Vatican's framework of command and control in power. 

Not a lot of people know that. 

The entire interview is on Youtube and is well worth spending time with. Coincidentally I had just finished a poorly written and character assassination laden biography of the actor when Brando died days after completion. Dick Cavett comes across here as everything that is wrong with spoon fed TV media and their audiences. Laughing at the wrong things and frequently descending into trivia like that Terry Wogan interview I wrote about recently. It's a great shame that in the future, when we look back into the past there will be so little meaningful interviews of our great artists. Brando actually leaves us with something here despite the incongruous mix of prime time and ethnic minority activism. One was at war with the other in reality and had to shed its psychopathy as best it could though the mask slips again and again. Notice how Cavett does that triangle thing with his hands at the beginning like Tony Blair always did? Just saying.