Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Andrew Basiago - Project Pegasus and Time Travel

I've been reluctant to post Andrew Basiago's testimony for some solid reasons. Firstly he's a blatant American Pie flag waver of the 18th century nation state kind of guy and that's just unevolved for a time traveller cf Dr Who

He could easily also be a victim of trauma based mind control. Andrew doesn't actually have a big idea in the whole interview apart from 'oh look at me, I'm spilling the beans for teleportation so we can wean ourselves off oil'. Well that's just too simple a whistleblow for the military industrial complex to tolerate. Those kind of spirited voices are taken out unless they are useful to their agenda.

Andrew doesn't have a single piece of evidence other than a story. He's quick to share his academic credentials rather than that much needed evidence. His father put him through a program where one kid lost his feet and yet he never questions the morality of that process. I could go on and on, like his wish to travel in the future again doesn't sit right with his disdain for science fiction but I don't want to split hairs on the stories that don't RING right.

To be fair, there's too much flat and tonelessly delivered sincerity in this interview not to be tangentially interested and begin to embrace time travel as a reality in need of examination.

Andrew is a humourless well paid lawyer who throws in "quantum access" at the drop of pin and has no evidence on top of confusing quantum mechanics spiel Perhaps he doesn't know that Schrodingers cat was a quantum joke (that subsequently gained credence as a quantum theory). He also questions John Titor's story when Titor left evidence of different timelines that Andrew questions the veracity of. An error of time travel discussion that is inexcusable to a person even mildly acquainted with multiple reality timelines. I wonder which Cambridge he went to and why those six degrees don't fill his fridge sometimes? Most trial lawyers are quite good at chasing dollars.

But I don't think his story is going away so I'm posting my reservations before others swallow his message whole. If Basiago's name gets any bigger in the future (nudge nudge wink wink). It's because powerful people wanted that. If you listen carefully George Noory is tipping us off that we need to keep our wits about us and much as I like George I'm pretty sure he gets pressured on delicate points to stay on message. But I like him in any case.