Saturday 16 April 2011

I Am The Lizard King. I Can Do Anything

There's a number of ways to write about this topic. The interview above is from 1994 (now removed so I've replaced it with a Peggy Kane but there's a torrent to the audio file here). It should be irrelevant yet I found some nuggets in it that refuse to leave me alone. In communication theory terms it would be interesting to highlight this, as one of the last interviews to ignore the internet. The interviewee is still using fax numbers and P.O. box numbers.

Politically it would be fun to talk about the Bush senior/Clinton years. Sociologically it's that Gen X crossover point when the peak of nihilist rejectionist values began to decline. Philosophically it's all of the above as you'd expect yet there's a quality of earnest dialectic intercourse seldom seen in this time. Historically, biologically, chemically and epistemologically are all dimensions I don't feel obliged to tease apart.

Yet submerged in this interview are a couple of thoughts that refuse to be ignored and furthermore the subterranean ones are both the most contemporaneous and as would be expected the most pressing. I need to remember that as above, so below is so much more than a maxim. 

in any case I'm never happier than when reviewing the reptilian evidence. There's no need to edit. I just let it roll over like a tsunami of incalculable information. For the time being.

Update: I had to replace the videos as they were taken down. However here's a new one I came across.