Thursday, 21 April 2011

Do You Play Ball?

I've listened to this interview before but fell asleep listening to it earlier and awoke around the time when Jordan retells a Hollywood party story when he happened to sit down and eat with George Lucas and Stephen Spielberg. They were both very courteous to him and asked for his name and it turned out that Lucas's wife had read Jordan's book and made him read it so he knew of him. There's an interesting description of both senior Hollywood men nodding their heads and occasionally pointing out politely that they were very familiar with many of the arcane matters of astro-theology that Jordan shares. I find that fascinating as I've only ever come to realise most of this by listening to many hours of expert talks but clearly, on top of being widely read and well informed guys, Lucas and Spielberg are tapped into the occultism matters that they invariably revisit in all of their movies.

But the reason for the post title is that I share with Jordan Maxwell a contempt for sports fanatics. I understand that sport is engaging, indeed my very first blog post is about the world cup but it's interesting to me that Jordan shares my perspective that sport is the bread and circuses of mass distraction from the very real matters of who we are as a species. Go out and play ball our parents would urge when they wished to talk about matters unsuitable for children's ears. It's my belief that anyone with the time to have an intimacy with sporting data and sports celebrities lives and be unaware of the maritime laws that require humans to be classed as male and female instead of masculine or feminine are missing an important point by design. Make of that what you will but the answer is in this fascinating interview.