Thursday, 22 November 2012

David Icke's Decades Long Work Against Paedophiles

Pie 'n Mash films interview David Icke after one of his shows. If you really care about institutionalised child abuse/paedophile sex rings watch this short film to understand the very real satanic and ritualised sexual assault and killing of children is an ugly reality at the highest levels of public office. 

I applaud Bill Maloney and David Icke for their courage in getting this message out. That takes guts and in the swiftly collapsing  and fractally recursive time model you used to the call the near future you will learn that you too are a victim of sorts. 

A victim of the most heinous deception. Whether that's  because you ignored it is down to you from right now.

Don't be a coward. Watch this for 20 minutes and ask yourself if you're going to do something about it. I'm not giving in.