Wednesday 2 March 2011


I really think Hawking has been fed some bad and possibly agenda driven information by people to be spouting the sort of nonsense which demonises the new, instead of acting in a manner which responds to the the experience of the individual concerned (not me I might add, I've never seen a UFO). By this I mean I certainly don't need anyone from Government or the Military to tell me what to think and feel if a new guest comes to my house. Actually scrap that. Whatever they think I'd think the opposite. It's just a Nazi, Communist, Islam thing.

It occurs to me now that the Pink Terror Hawking thing from a while back makes a bit more sense if thought about within this context as it has the taint of malevolent manipulation though I suspect you may want to visit my exopolitcs post if you're completely unsure of what I'm talking about as I'm guessing most people didn't get past me talking about my great Grandma Lucy Myers.

Here's the Pink Terror Hawking thing again.

Pink Terror Hawking from mike barzman on Vimeo.