Friday, 18 March 2011

Occultism & Rocket Science

I've not had enough time to dig into this as much as I would like, but secret bases in Antarctica have cropped up on more than a few occasions and then there's the timing of Assange's arrest when he tantalizingly talked about a 'southern ocean UFO war' to be released in Wikileaks cables. I've no idea what the full story is but if anybody has any suggestions where to start looking other than the video below I'd be appreciative.

Oddly enough the visual above is from a forthcoming movie called Iron Sky which makes light of the idea through comedy, but then how much of it is art mirroring life? I always recall Wag The Dog was a little too close to real events at the time. But why would anybody use a name like Dog to suggest Bill Clinton? I can't figure it out.

I don't mind admitting I'm taken aback to see all these pictures of UFO craft in development during the end of the Nazi era, though not as disappointed to learn that the head brains of Nazi rocket development Wehrner Von Braun was a member of the S.S. occult group The Order Of The Black Sun. The connection between the Nazi's and Occultism seems to run quite deep. Which is a worry given how many were given a get out of jail free card and went on to work at Jet Propulsion Laboratories and NASA. I mean blimey. Even Aleister Crowley and Ron L Hubbard turn up large in the whole story and that's just with me sniffing around the edges while correlating and corroborating sources.

Update: Original video removed.