Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Jordan Maxwell

I had a short fuse the last time I listened to Jordan Maxwell because he was so gloomy, despondent and negative about the state of the world so I didn't finish his interview but I'm listening to someone else being interviewed on the topic of astro-theology and they are raving about his classic slideshow presentation from the 90's that was influential to many people around the world and I can see immediately it is indeed authoritative.

Jordan has had a life of persecution and is a legend in the anti conspiracy movement. Even if only 5% of his stories are true he's suffered more than a man deserves to suffer though as he would be the first to admit. Many have died attempting to share similar information and as I understand it Jordan has had someone looking over his shoulder with a voice that has told him to run for his life on two occasions that I'm aware of.

I'm saving these as playlists in Youtube but I'm not sure if the embed will play it as this. If anybody could let me know that would be great.