Monday, 14 March 2011

Environmentally Sustainable Communications Media

More strange than the crop circles or crop geometry as I like to call them are the matching beige tops that father and son investigative team are wearing. I do like the information they yield on the efforts by MI5 and military aligned groups to use disinformation because frankly very few people seem to hold a view of mine that the crop communications are very much a brand logo warfare. 

At one level there is plenty of information for ordinary people like us to learn, but at the next level there's more than a hint of 4th dimension and sacred geometry being used to convey that the old 20th century occult and freemasonry symbols that are evident everywhere from the Dollar bill to the Pentagon and the layout of Washington D.C. have had their day. I'll elaborate on that a little more deeply later as from a creative planning perspective it's a genius communications campaign by our galactic messengers. Put it this way, it's unsettled the money grubbing elites an awful lot more than us or the farmers whose fields are used as media. And what a clever sustainable media choice it is.

The documentary is in half a dozen or so parts so keep an eye out for that in Youtube as not all of them are listed sequentially.