Thursday 31 March 2011

ECETI Ranch & Black Ops Government

I blogged recently about James Gilliland and his extraordinary connection to UFO sightings over the ECETI Ranch near Mount Adams, Washington. I feel very comfortable listening to people who are humble and spiritual talking about these subjects and James is exactly that. He did talk about government harassment in those videos I posted including chemical spraying, bullets and black helicopters with equipment that seems to disrupt human energies for want of a better explanation.

I've just learned that the legal harassment is becoming intolerable and expensive and that this may force ECETI Ranch to close. This is a shame and unreasonable in light of official statements that there's no substance to the claims being made by the ranch. If there's nothing there, why the pressure to close them down? Why the persecution?

You can listen to William Henry's latest interview with James Gilliand over at Unknown Country.