Wednesday 23 March 2011

Dolores Cannon & The Convoluted Universe

I ignored Dolores Cannon at first because of a slight bias I have in a rapidly diminishing list of biases towards people who don't fit my picture of clever and urbane. Dolores doesn't go into the dimensional and multi universe stuff here that is absolutely on the nail but instead flies with full on stories about the sequencing of colour in the universe which is essential viewing if only because nobody ever talked about the idea of coloured universes  and experimental ones with cuboid planets and geometric polygonal orbits. You may think she's making that stuff up but her M Theory is way more advanced than your average rocket scientist. Word.

This next clip I'm also adding because it's also a real sweetspot use of Kraftwerk's Das Model and because Aunty Dolores is more radical than any scientist at CERN but a whole lot safer.