Friday 25 March 2011

Cave of Forgotten Dreams

We're a species with amnesia says Graham Hancock over and over again. Given how little we know of our origins and how suspect the whole academia peer review process is (homogeneous story telling by committee) it's important to embrace the mystery of our existence. 

We can barely tell what it was like 500 years ago apart from rudimentary and subjective texts but still we behave like most people can describe the downfall of Rome, the origins of enlightenment or the inspiration for the renaissance. Wind the clock back further and we're looking at a film by Werner Herzog of cave paintings. They cry out with more elegance than the crudeness of early cave man as if to say it's not us you want to pay attention to. It's the fleeing animals. We're just in a cave painting the last sight of nature we saw before escaping. Well that's my fantasy for the day. Who knows?