Friday, 25 March 2011

Bill Ryan & Avalon

It may well be the case that I will return to this some day with embarrassment. I originally set out to learn about quantum mechanics and mysticism but try as I might I couldn't avoid the UFO question without conceding that there are way too many credible accounts of experiences to ignore without saddling oneself unnecessarily with narrow mindedness. I can almost see a comparative studies course in alien life and religion. The Temple Mount UFO thing a couple of months ago struck me as being vague enough to tick the check box of UFO, military Psyops or religious phenomena. But absolutely not a weather balloon, satellite or aeroplane. Check for yourself at the end of my overly long Exopolitics post to form your own opinion. There's more angles of the event on Youtube since then too.

The fun thing about 21st century exopolitics study is the sheer scale and diverisity of the topic which ranges coherently from back engineered repressed technology to ruling elites and masonic deal making. The dirty costly energy question is the sore thumb that sticks out in that last scenario. It's almost an embarrassment that we're entirely reliant on dead plants to move about yet at the other end of the scale we're punching holes in the universe at CERN. The only credible answer for that is the corporations or military industrial complex are holding the goods back. Fossil energies are brilliant for manipulating an entire species. Zero point energies are to say the least a disruption to that business model that tears the quarterly report sheet to shreds (are you listening advertising?). Any confusion why we don't have those technologies yet isn't hard to fathom though you should Google 'repressed technology' to establish that for yourself.

And so I'm publishing the Bill Ryan follow up interview to the one I published the other day. I find his manner thoughtful, constructive and well informed in a manner that is almost impossible to emulate without being authentic. But you again, you need to to do the legwork yourself. Time and again I find the most vocal 'debunkers' have done the least open minded review of the available information.