Wednesday 16 February 2011

Zbigniew Brzezinski (More than a mouthful)

Real power doesn't sashay around the Whitehouse wearing a presidential pin as we learned from Dick Cheney. It's the brokers behind that count, as you can see from from both these videos. Zbig (as it's easier to call him) is all over the intellectual shop like a pissed up Freemason at a hen party. Zbig is a big fucking deal. He practically created the mujahedin by 'luring in the communists' into a 'bear trap' in Afghanistan decades ago, and then, well the rest is Taliban and Al Quaida showtime. 

Above he claims it's easier to drop money & arms (though he lies about the arms, an easy fact to debunk) into the wilds of the Pashtun border area than in the streets of Egypt. That border area is now an Afpak war zone because of his actions. Theoretically if you buy into the official 911 narrative (which if you do, you haven't done your homework) then this man is responsible for seeding the conditions that created 911. It's extraordinary that we should witness this kind of recorded revisionism within the same lifetime. A revisionism which I assure you doesn't end until our dear leaders are urging children to condemn their parents to cling on to power. To ignore this is to exalt falsehood over truth. It's that simple.

Some say he's the key to the power behind Obama's throne.