Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Asymmetric Follow

Twitter is a hyper contextual communicaton tool.
The number of different types of user experience is infinite (a big claim that I am prepared to stand by)
This means for example that the user experience of a person with 100 followers is not the same as 200 followers.
The next obvious context is the users preference for follow-back which is in itself a ratio.
Then there is the intent or purpose of use. Al Jazeera, Financial Times, BBC Podcasts are all monologue, but there are also power users that choose to mainly hold a monologue.
Which leads to the content of the 140 character limit. That in itself is almost impossible to describe.
So while this is a terrific post about the asymmetrical twitter experience the point is, that how people experience the service is really up to them. So get stuck in and define how you like to use it. It’s a remarkable evolutionary development in human communication on a par with the telegraph wire.

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