Monday, 6 December 2010

Shitty Semiotics

Above is an Anglo Saxon toilet bowl most readers of this blog should be familiar with. It's very centred isn't it?

Next is the French loo with it's rearward mechanic situated most closely to the flush pipe.

And finally above is the German toilet design, with a completely opposite forward-emphasis arrangement in comparison to the French version.

The visuals are the support material for the clip below. The first time I listened to Zizek deconstructing European toilets, I loved it and wanted to write it up as a post, but as somebody has generously uploaded a clip of his toilet-architecture rap I can include post it instead. It's hard to find any fault between his analysis of the Teutonic, French and Anglo Saxon toilet designs, and for those who haven't embarked on a tranhumanism voyage yet is fucking funny.