Sunday, 21 June 2009

Yo Momma Gotta A Wanta?

I remember a Dutch (and emotionally liberated) friend who traveled the world in business class as a consultant, and who shared with me the female business traveler top-tip of pocket rocket. Perhaps I've been a little slow getting to grips with toy culture but this post has prompted the Polish girl I'm staying with and her just arrived Czech friend on holiday to casually meander into the room and there's a buzzing sound being emitted with what I assume is gossip about features and benefits. (They said I could mention it in the blog post when I asked if it was what I think it was).

Welcome to my life.

I'm also delighted by the clever media buying underneath the ad. Props to HK magazine for running a thoroughly modern ad and of course Wanta for the naked communications strategy. For the male version of this theme check out the DIY fleshlight post.

Brilliant. Go Fuck Yourself.