Thursday, 4 June 2009

Are You A Champ?

Some mates of mine are setting up an agency in Bangkok and are looking for an account director. They are Westerners, and have a ton of Asian experience under their belt. One has even written my favourite print ad of all time.

They've got some interesting collaborators and backers and so it's an opportunity for someone currently based in Bangkok or about to move here.

You should have all the things that make brilliant suits such as diplomacy, courage, intelligence, salesmanship, drive & charm to forge a way into the future that nobody is really certain of.

I see from my email these days that there's a lot of people being laid off right now and so I believe that somewhere out there is a quality account person with good results behind them, and quite possibly with their best work still ahead of them.

This is an equal opportunities position.

Email me and I'll put you in touch.